BIO: Sjulle paints, among other things, large, abstract faces in a colorful universe that sneaks in and out between each other and thus flows together into a whole of changeability. They change shape and expression according to who is looking at them. The combination of her own transformation and the viewer’s transformation or experience is the focal point of her art, where the energies merge. Her interest lies in the fundamental metamorphosis (change, transformation, transformation and transformation) of the human mind, being, soul, psyche, and physical body throughout. “It is a process of transformation, we all go through and in certain periods of one’s life, transformation is more external than inner – whether vice versa. Everything is in eternal process, deeply rooted in the works. There are more layers and colors and you stay on the way it enters the work, it is not so straightforward. ”It is the operation of changing “. 


“The combination of my own transformation and the viewer’s experience is the focal point of my art, where the energies merge”