Impress is a concept that connects art and music together.

The Berlin based project was born on the banks of the river Spree at the Watergate Club in 2014. The first part of the event hosts a live music concert matched with an art performance and/or a cultural event which its focus, is to create a mutual connection between the people.


“…magic comes when the artist performance is creating something unique and special that impress the crowd…..”

“…musicians inspired by the art  are ready to develop a wave that connects the people together…..”

“…the focus of all releases will be always connected with our event main concept:
“When Art & Music come together…..”

“…..every moments in the club, theater or outdoor, Impress come together….”


The event is approaching the world of music artistic and cultural entertainment with the union of various forms of music, art and description of all the features that this sector has to offer.

Book IMPRESS for your club, theater or outdoor festival.

We are always looking for new art performances and live musicians.

Join us !




Figli del Mare


Teatro Goldoni Livorno


Livorno is distinguished by a single connection between citizens through the resources of its territory, which is why the “sea” theme that will determine a global involvement in the city.

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